Listening to Anthony William (Medical Medium) on Facebook (live presentation on proteins) and was so surprised about his recommendation to eat potatoes as a great protein source.

The Powerful Potato

If you’re looking to power up your performance, look no further than the potato. Did you know that potatoes provide the carbohydrate, potassium and energy you need to perform at your best? Potatoes are more energy-packed than any other popular vegetable and have even more potassium than a banana. Plus, there’s a potato performance recipe options to fuel your body and brain throughout the day- whether you lead an active lifestyle or are competing with elite athletes.

Of course the down side is that you shouldn’t put the butter and sour cream on it!  I know, a big fat darn!

So A.W. says that there are three things you have to have to build muscle:

  1. Glucose – the sugar found in fruits
  2. Mineral Salts – found in celery juice, spinach.  This removes the poison that is produced while muscle is getting built.
  3. Use Them! Need to use them to help build them.  Not saying you need to be a body builder, but don’t be sedentary.

So many good things said in this presentation.  Look on Facebook for this presentation.  I believe it will be there for all to see again.

Happy Healthy to Ya!

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