New Healthy Eating Lifestyle

I have had a great week learning all about foods, herbs, supplements and sooo much more!  On the Food Revolution website ( they have been having a summit all week with three expert speakers every day on a variety of subjects regarding food, GMO’s, the affects all have on your body, the good things you need and the bad things you don’t need.  The summit started on April 28th and ends on Sunday the 6th of May.

I also found out about the Medical Medium (, a gentleman who since the age of four has had a spirit walking with him telling him what is wrong with the people around him.  He has written a book with all the info his spirit has relayed to him regarding foods and supplements to cure or improve a myriad of diseases.  I know it sounds crazy, but what he says mirrors what you will find on the Food Revolution website and it has already helped my Fibromyalgia.

So if you suffer from any kind of autoimmune disease, thyroid problems, cancer, etc, etc, etc, then I recommend that you check out the information on these sites.  What do you have to lose except pounds and pain!

Happy Healthy to Ya!

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