Gettin Healthy . . .


Once again I am going down the road to healthy.  I’m hoping that I won’t hit too many detours or get lulled into moving off into the town of “I don’t care” .   I find myself occasionally thinking that now that I’m over 60, it just doesn’t matter that much anymore.  But then I remember what it felt like to really be in good shape and how much energy I had and I want that again.  What a battle!  The town of Positive Thinking is very important.  I pretty much know what I need to eat and not eat.  And exercise is pretty much a no brainer – walk!  It’s the thought process that is the hardest.  Staying motivated for the long haul.   I’m not one for keeping a bunch of charts or writing down all I have eaten.  That gets old real quick for me.  

This week I am concentrating on two things – exercise and juicing.  I pulled out my juicer and have been juicing veggies for dinner.   Secondly I am trying to incorporate 30 minutes of exercise  into my daily life.  We have a treadmill here at work, so I am trying to stay 30 minutes after work and get on the treadmill.    I have such a Type A personality sometimes that I’m always thinking “Need to beat traffic, so leave and get home now”.   Now I’m trying to say to myself that traffic is ok, you’ll have more time to listen to your latest book.  So come on Endorphins, help my spirits stay high down my road to Healthy!



Brisk Walking

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