For the New Year. . .

I will try to. . .


In the past few years, I gave up on New Year’s Resolutions as I never kept them.  But this year I would really like to try to keep just a couple.


Really want to make the effort to de-clutter my house.  When you have lived in the same house for 33 years, you can really accumulate “stuff”!  And even when you think you have made the effort to get rid of some of it, you just go out and buy more “stuff”. 

Because I am getting a bit beyond over the hill, the one thing I do not want to do to my children is leave them with a house filled with “stuff” they have to get rid of after I am gone.  I have lived through that with my parents/parents-in-law, and it is no fun!.  So besides getting to live in a well organized house, my kids are taken care of at the same time. 

My biggest problem is my hubby who is a bit of a pack rat.  I have to sneak things out of the house to get rid of them because many times what I put in the trash ends up back in the house!  It’s quite maddening.  A friend sent me an email with a link to ways to organize which I share here –

Some of the ideas are really very clever.  Even if I only make a dent, I at least need to make the effort to declutter the house.

My other hopes for the new year are to get healthy (lose weight and exercise).  But this time, I would like to really make it a life long change, not just a change for a few months like I did last year.  I think sometimes you have to get a bit selfish and think about “me” for awhile to insure you get on the right track.  That will be my goal.


Here’s hoping you make all your New Year’s Goals!

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