The Countdown has begun . . .

CountdownIt’s that time of year again when the Christmas crazy’s set in.  So far, I’ve made it through the office “holiday” party that I am in charge of, my own Christmas party and the Christmas party at the church.  I still have the “potluck/chinese auction” at the office this week.  Trying to get packages wrapped each night and check my excel spreadsheet to make sure all gifts have been bought and wrapped and all have about the same amount to open!  I have to figure out what I am going to cook for Christmas Eve dinner as that is our big meal for this holiday.  Need to purchase everything for that meal, and stock up on breakfast items for Christmas morning.  Each year, everyone comes to Gammy’s house.  The grandkids usually spend Christmas eve here.  As Santa’s gifts to the little ones are not wrapped, they have to stay hidden till children are fast asleep and then get brought down.  And I just found out my sister and her family of four are planning on coming to visit the day after Christmas for a week!  It will all be grand I know, but I am getting to an age where more and more I say “you are welcome, just don’t expect the perfect hostess as she has gotten older and may need to sit more and just watch the younger ones do their thing!

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