Pennsylvania Bound. . .

Well, I am off on vacation tomorrow!  Antietam, Gettysburg and Lancaster Pennsylvania, here I come!  I have been to Gettysburg and Lancaster (the Amish country) before, but not Antietam.  If you have never been to Gettysburg, it is well worth the trip.  When you realize how many men, many of them very young, lost their lives in three days, it is overwhelming!  And I didn’t realize until yesterday that the confederates were in Gettysburg looking for shoes for their army! 

Casualties at Gettysburg totaled 23,049 for the Union (3,155 dead, 14,529 wounded, 5,365 missing). Confederate casualties were 28,063 (3,903 dead, 18,735 injured, and 5,425 missing), more than a third of Lee’s army.  There were only 58,209 lives lost in the whole Vietnam war much less almost that many in three days at Gettysburg!  In the battle at Antietam, there were 22,700 casualties in the one day battle.  I just find these numbers absolutely staggering. There are about 1,342 monuments at Gettysburg, each its own interesting work of art.  I definitely want to do a ghost tour in Gettysburg.  There has got to be some good stories to be told.   

So I have my CD’s for the driving tour in Gettysburg, got my apps for each place downloaded onto my iPad, have my routes saved in my Google maps, so if I don’t forget my toothbrush, I should be good to go!  Bet you didn’t think this would turn out to be a history lesson!

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