I Don’t Get It . . .

Call me old fashioned, call me uninformed, call me a therapist, cause I don’t get it!  I think we are all over the phone calls, the ads, etc. etc. etc.  And all of it geared at making the other guy look bad.  What happened to just letting the people know what you want to do for them and giving us a detailed plan as to how that is going to happen in what timeframe!  Why do you have to worry soooo much over what the other guy is saying?  For once I would like to see a candidate not say one negative thing about his opponent and just tell us what he plans to do to make positive changes.  Pick a certain problem area and tell us how you plan to fix it, not just with words but with a detailed plan that the public can see and download to read.  Allow the public to get involved by taking suggestions and revise that plan if someone has a better idea.  Is that such a hard concept? 

 Our choices for president this time are not very good, but in reality, the real problem lies in the elected officials in the Senate and Congress. Our government is stagnant and not a lot of positive  action is getting done.  We all have checkbooks and know you can’t spend money you don’t have.  Not a hard concept.  Yet our elected officials can’t seem to grasp this.  We say we are a democracy, but we aren’t.  The US government is out of control and I really worry about what lies ahead for my children and grandchildren.  I think this will be the first time a generation doesn’t pass a better life on to their offspring.  We the people are getting screwed.  Pretty sad . . .

Didn’t mean to be so depressing, but couldn’t find much positive to say about this.

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