Rachel’s Challenge – Tragedy to Triumph

My granddaughter Kaiden is such a joy to me.  I was helping out yesterday by picking the kids up for my daughter.  Ashton, who is 8, needed to be picked up from after school day care.  Kaiden , who will be 11, would be at a family friend’s house where she goes after getting off the school bus.  I had to pick them up, drop Ashton off at my house and get Kaiden to soccer practice.  All in rush hour traffic!  What fun!  While on the way to soccer practice, Kaiden was telling me about her day.  After a 10 minute dissertation on her day at school where she had gotten in trouble with eight others for talking, she started telling me about Rachel’s Challenge, a video they had watched and she pulled it up from Youtube on my phone.  Rachel was the first child killed in the Columbine High School Shootings in Colorado in 1999.  The amazing part is that Rachel had journals she kept that had such strong messages of kindness and compassion for one another.  Rachel said “I have a theory that if one person will go out of their way to show compassion then it will start a chain reaction of the same”.   Rachel’s message in creating this chain reaction in the world would leave a great place to live.  This was Rachel’s Challenge.  I was so happy to see how inspired by this video my granddaughter was and how she wanted to make a difference too.  It has made me want to pursue this with her and help her come up with ideas to put this challenge into action in her life.

Watch the video – it is well worth your time . . .


Go to the website:


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