Book Clubs

My sis is a member of two different book clubs and I envy her.  She seems to have such a good time.  They get together at each other’s houses sharing meals along with their thoughts on their monthly book.  They also take weekend trips out of state, rent condos and really have some great quality time amongst themselves.  Not sure how to join a book club, but with my luck, I would join one and end up with a bunch of people I couldn’t stand and wouldn’t want to socialize with them!   I guess I’ll have to start my own and pick and choose who I want.  But that seems limiting.  It doesn’t allow for me to stretch my horizons and meet new people which I’m horrible at anyway.  I need to ponder this some more me thinks. . .

 I saw this image and remembered how that was sooo me.  But thanks to the wish lists on Goodreads and Amazon now, when I see a book I want to read, I just stick it on my “to read” lists.   I am still a sucker for a good sale though, and when Audible has a sale like they have now for members where I can get books for $4.95, I always take advantage and buy a couple.  Now I just need to find more time to do more reading!

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