Letter Art

This past spring I traveled to Charleston, SC on business.  Such a beautiful, historic city!  I had my daughter fly up from Orlando to spend time there with me.  My company is sooo good to us (I travel with others from my company) when we travel there.  They always plan excursions to great sites, and take us out to great restaurants.  While visiting the old market downtown this time, my daughter and I came across a young lady selling letter art.  We had not seen it before and really liked it.  We picked out pics to make the last names for both my daughters.  The girls framed the letter themselves.   Not sure why I did not get myself some at the time!  So many times I talk myself out of buying something because I say “I can do that myself” and then never do!  My daughter was so funny on the walk back to the hotel that day.  She was taking pics of everything along the way that looked like a letter.  Now, when I go online to see about purchasing some, I can’t seem to find a site where you can just buy the photos of the letters.  So I guess if I want a framed pic of letter art that I frame myself, I guess I really will have to take the pics myself!

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