My iPad

I love my iPad!  Luuvvv It!  But if you are thinking about getting one, make sure it will be for you alone.  When I bought my first one (a Christmas present for myself), I shared it with the family.  Games for the grandkids, newspaper for my hubby, etc.  Then it got to the point where every time I wanted to use the iPad, someone else was using it.  So I bought a second one for me alone.  The grandkids tried hard to get me to let them put a bunch of games on it, but I held fast.  In each case I have gotten the iPad with the 3g or 4g option.  That way, when we go on vacation, we can still access the internet, etc. while driving.  But now I have gotten to the point where I take the iPad with me just about everywhere.   I like that I can check out several different email accounts on it.  The apps are wonderful.  So many to choose from!  I love the weather app I have.  In an instant, I know if I am going to get rained on in the next few minutes.  For reading, you can’t beat it.  I even use it in church instead of the regular prayer book.  Love the Hanging With Friends and Matching With Friends games.  Have I let it take over my life?  Not yet, but I can see where that could happen!

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